Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Seriously. This happened.

So I was about to start making this dress last night for an upcoming wedding and I decided I needed to change the bobbin tension. (Thanks Lauren :)  I was trying to tighten the screw on the bobbin when I realized I needed to use tweezers. Where does one usually keep tweezers? Yes. The bathroom. What should you NOT take into a bathroom and hold over a sink? A bobbin with teensy weensy tiny pieces. So I start to "tighten" the screw and I guess my righty-tighty was really lefty-loosey and tink tink tink there goes the side of the bobbin right down the drain.  After several minutes of  cursing loudly I finally started to take the sink apart.  Only problem was that this is a pedestal sink we are talking about.  I don't know how some big burly plumber man squeezed his arms behind it to put the pipes in.  I could barely fit my twig monkey arms back there.   So after several attempts (read: 45 minutes of rubber gloves on and lots of yelling at the dogs to leave the bathroom) and absolutely no progress I ended up wiggling the U-Shaped part off.  Got out all the pieces and promptly threw the pipe in the sink. I will fix it later.  Actually let's be honest. I will probably have my Dad fix it.  Dads are much better at these things. So much for my early nights sleep.

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